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SJ5700 contour measuring instrument

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The instrument has a modern office space in Shenzhen Nanshan District Zhiyuan Science Park. In Shenzhen Baoan District innovation new world industrial
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July 2018
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I. product description

The SJ5700 profile measuring instrument adopts imported high precision grating measuring system, high precision grinding guide rail, high performance non-contact linear motor, voice coil motor measuring system and high performance computer control system technology to measure and analyze the surface profile of various workpieces. By high precision grinding rails, high performance linear motor ensure high stability and straightness measurement, using imported high precision grating measurement system to establish the two-dimensional coordinates of workpiece surface profile computer through correction algorithm of raster data correction, the final reduction work for contour information and graph display, through the analysis of software tools for analysis of various parameters.

The contour meter is an automatic measuring device. The operator only needs to install the workpiece under test, set the start and end positions of the scanning on the verification software, click the "start" button, the needle will automatically touch the workpiece surface, and scan according to the set position. In the process of contour scanning, the software interface will describe the contour curve in real time. After the scanning, the operator can analyze the generated contour curve through the contour analysis tool, and obtain contour parameters such as straightness, roundness, Angle, distance and spacing.

System software for simplified Chinese operating system, easy to operate.

Ii. Product functions

1. Surface contour evaluation: evaluate radius, Angle, distance, coordinate, circle and circle section, determine each point, intersect each point, coordinate axis, straight line, vertical line, circle and circle section, and conduct linear degree and roundness analysis on the contour.

Implement the following functions simultaneously:

(1) establish regression lines and circles

(2) establish points, intersections, free points, center points, highest points and lowest points

(3) establish coordinate system

(4) calculate radius, distance, Angle, coordinate and linear deviation

(5) comparison between actual value and nominal value

(6) automatic operation of measurement procedures

2. Friendly interface, more in line with Chinese users' operation habits;

3. Centralized database management is adopted for measurement records, which can be queried and managed according to the type of test piece, production unit, factory number, inspector, inspection unit, equipment number, verification date and effective date, etc.;

4. Output various forms of reports (.doc,.docx,.xlsx,.pdf), and support complete customized reports, customized measurement records reports, and mass printing of records;

5. Data backup and restore database;

6. Equipped with CNC measurement function, capable of automatic measurement of the same batch, and equipped with SPC statistical analysis function;

7. Can conduct CAD drawing import, CAD drawing size labeling and other comparisons with measurement results;

8. PDF format drawing import comparison and analysis function;

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Business Type: Manufacturers
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The instrument has a modern office space in Shenzhen Nanshan District Zhiyuan Science Park. In Shenzhen Baoan District innovation new world industrial park has a professional manufacturing base for precision machining and assembly testing of instruments and equipment. It is produced according to ISO9001, 6S and other standards to provide the customers with first-class products. The sales and service network of China Library Instruments has spread over more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. The overseas market is growing rapidly and the marketing network is improving day by day. After more than 10 years' research in the field of geometric measurement, the medium graph has designed and manufactured the Super View series white light interferometer, the GT series laser tracker, the SJ6000 series laser interferometer, the SJ5100 series high precision measuring machine, the SJ5700 series profilometer, the SJ5200 series snails comprehensive measuring machine, and the SJ2000 series instructions. Automatic meter calibrator and many other high-end measuring and measuring equipment. Large-scale and high-precision measurements of 100 meters are detected from nano-scale micro-topography, providing users with professional and precise measurement solutions.
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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